Our Weekend Specials!

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August 30-31

Charleston’s Café Weekend Specials

 Pumpkin Bread French Toast
with brulee

Green Goddess Omelet
spinach, asparagus, artichokes, gruyere cheese & pesto

Poached Eggs Rio Grande
smoked beef brisket set on an English muffin topped with eggs, chipotle tomato hollandaise
& slaw mix of jicama, peppers & red onion

Cuban Huevos
Cuban pork, house-made Carolina pulled pork, gruyere cheese, eggs
on black beans with salsa verde

Breakfast Burrito
scrambled eggs, meatloaf, spinach, black beans, tomatoes,
peppers & onions, fresh mozzarella

Cafe Oyster Rockerfeller Benedict
oyster stuffing with creamed spinach, shrimp, applewood smoked bacon
topped with poached eggs & tasso hollandaise

Farm Hash
chorizo, ranch potatoes, spinach, black beans, tomatoes
topped with eggs & pepper jack cheesee

Folly Potato Casserole
chippers, peppers & onions, mushrooms
topped with country ham, broccoli, tomatoes, eggs & pomme sauce

Weekly Specials Form

If you have had a particular special you have had in the past and would like to see us prepare it again please click on the submittal button and send us your idea. Please allow two weeks notice!
  • Give us at least two weeks' notice.