Our Weekend Specials!

February 25-26
Charleston’s Cafe Weekend Specials

Cinnamon Raisin Bread
with whipped cream cheese & orange marmalade topped & candied pecans

Spanish Omelet
   Chorizo, chicken, shrimp & veggies with manchego
caramelized onion, tomato bacon relish
served with “Geechie Boy” grits & biscuit

“Red Eye” Special
           Slab of country ham topped with grilled shrimp &
red eye cremini mushroom gravy
served with eggs, “Geechie Boy” grits & biscuit

 Mahi Hash
Mahi, seasoned potatoes, peppers, onions, granny smith apples
with eggs & sour cream horseradish
served with “Geechie Boy” grits & biscuit

Weekly Specials Form

If you have had a particular special you have had in the past and would like to see us prepare it again please click on the submittal button and send us your idea. Please allow two weeks notice!
  • Give us at least two weeks' notice.

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